New Orleans needs a Juvenile Court Judge who is...




As a New Orleans native, my first priority will be to work to build confidence within our community that New Orleans is a safe place to live, work, and play.


Secured over $500K in grant funding to introduce evidence-based programming and to create a continuum of care for court-involved youth


I will continue to work to bring the latest technology to the court with the mission of improving effeciency and effectiveness.


As your Juvenile Court Judge, I will listen, adjudicate fairly, and apply the law without distinction, fear, or favor. This is why I am asking for your vote November 3rd, 2020.


My diverse experience as a Public Defender, Juvenile Traffic Referee, Judge Pro Tempore Juvenile Court, Clerk of Juvenile Court and Judicial Administrator, has given me the experience, knowledge, and demeanor necessary to be an effective, fair, and impartial judge.


Having served as Juvenile Court Judicial Administrator, I know how to create productive judicial process that respects a person's time and finances--and your tax dollars.

Why I want this position...

The position of Juvenile Court Judge combines my desire to serve my community and my commitment to justice.  There is no substitute for experience and education. I am both a licensed attorney and licensed social worker.  I believe that unique combination of my legal and social work education and professional experience, provide me with a more holistic appreciation for and ability to balance the judicial system’s legal obligations to the community with the court’s moral responsibility to provide fair and just decisions along with resources and supports that will strengthen families and reduce court involvement.  Each step in my life and career has prepared me more and more for this position. I have the commitment, I have the experience. I am ready.

I will decide cases fairly and impartially, free from outside influence of intimidation and ensure that both victims and the accused receive the legal and constitutional rights to which they are entitled.

What makes me different or better suited for Juvenile Court Judge than my opponents in this race?

I am better suited for the position of Juvenile Court Judge because of the path I have taken to reach this point in my life and career.


My experience as a Public Defender, Juvenile Traffic Referee, Judge Pro Tempore Juvenile Court,  Clerk of Juvenile Court and Judicial Administrator, give me the  experience, knowledge and demeanor necessary to be an effective, fair and impartial juvenile court Judge.  This is what separates me from my opponents.


While severing as Judicial Administrator, I secured over $3.5M dollars in funding through grants and contracts to provide evidenced-based programs and services to court involved youth and families.

How I will continue to improve upon the work currently being done in the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.

I have worked on the elimination of discretionary fees, and the elimination of cash bail to remove the burden of financial obligations that only serve to prolong court involvement.  I will continue to implement positive and productive juvenile justice reforms that served to prevent further escalation into the juvenile justice system, reduce the length of time youth are involved in the juvenile justice system and reduce recidivism.


I will continue to update and bring the most current technology to the court that improve the court’s efficiency effectiveness and outcomes.


I will strive to increase public satisfaction with the Juvenile Court by helping to create a more user friendly justice system that respects the voices of citizens,  and supports resources that strengthens families, improves public safety and enhances public confidence in the New Orleans Juvenile Justice System.


My goal is to keep working to improve  the juvenile justice system as long as I am on the bench, and I believe that bench will be Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.

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